Plan & Save Yourself from Anxiety

Important yet simple steps of contraceptive planning. Talking about physical, emotional and social.

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Pillow Talks of Love & Lust

Mood lighting, romantic jazz, pillow mists, candles, and beautiful flowers, may prepare you for a sensual night full of love.

Expected side-effects of Oral Contraceptive pills: To worry or not?

The ultimate bliss of having sex is experiencing orgasm, but what if the after-effects are alarming.

Contraceptives: Why is it your most reliable option?

Even today, with novel and effective modern contraceptive options available, some couples still try, albeit unsuccessfully most of the time, the withdrawal or the Pull-Out method.

Why is it so hard to talk about contraception?

Contraception, a word so common that it affects almost every person you can think of, yet so underused that all the people you just thought of – may never have used it.

3 tips to determine what form of contraception is right for you

Building awareness towards suitable contraceptive methods

Balance it Out

There is a direct correlation between the food you eat and the production of hormones in your body.

Better safe than sorry

With sex, comes great responsibility. Ladies, it is important that we take control and care of our sexual health & safety.

Contraceptives or Contractions

You guessed it, this article is about contraceptives – your best friend if you do not want a little human growing inside of you just yet.

Abnormal but Normal

Fibroids is one of those health conditions that is a medical mystery as the cause of it is still unknown.

Healthy & Happy

Contrary to popular belief, sexual health and happiness is not only based on sex.

More Good than Bad

Unsure if hormonal contraceptives are worth taking for pregnancy prevention?

Ovary acting (overreacting)

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a medical condition where a woman’s hormone levels .

Pregnant or not

It can be an exhausting process trying to figure out whether you are actually pregnant or not.

Screen or scream

You guessed it, cervical screening has something to do with the cervix.

Sing the Alphabet

This article is a reference guide which provides an introduction and constructive information.

Take your Pick

Contraceptives are your best friend if you are sexually active and don’t want an unplanned pregnancy.


We cannot stress enough the importance of communication, consent, and respect in a sexual relationship

Thank you, Body

There is a reason why there are hundreds of articles on body positivity.

Truth be Told

Read and heard multiple things on the side effects of contraceptives and now you are confused.

What and Where

Access to contraceptive products and services - what you need to do & where you need to go

Yes or No

You’ve heard of stories where girls decide to get into sexual relationships but have regrets later.

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