Pregnant or not

4th Dec 2018

Pregnancy: Signs, symptoms, and confirmation with the use of a pregnancy test kit (PTK)

“Am I just bloated or am I pregnant?”
“Is this a food baby or an actual baby?”
“Is this from all of the junk food I ate earlier or is there a human growing inside of me?”
“Is my period just late or am I pregnant?”
“Am I just stuffing myself or is it pregnancy cravings?”

It can be an exhausting process trying to figure out whether you are actually pregnant or not.
The constant battle of questions does not exactly help either.

Despite which birth control method you are on, there is always a chance that a sperm has made its way to an egg and fertilized it.
If you want to know whether this has happened, take a pregnancy test with the use of a pregnancy test kit (PTK).

Signs & sighs

Understandably, women can go a little crazy trying to figure out whether they are pregnant or not.

To make it easier, here are some signs and symptoms that indicate pregnancy:

1. Missed period – yes, sometimes periods are skipped or delayed due to other reasons. But, it is a KEY sign of pregnancy.

2. Weight gain – an early and common sign.

3. Increased urination – starts approximately on the 6th to 8th week.

4. Nausea & vomiting – usually begins after 4 weeks in.

5. Fatigue – a high-ranked symptom among early symptoms.

6. Changes in breasts and nipples – tender and/or swollen breasts. Darker and/or larger nipples.

7. Food cravings ¬– a very common and early sign. Could be peculiar food combinations like fish and ice cream.

8. Mood changes/swings a common symptom.

Note: not all pregnant women face the same symptoms

Don’t want to be pregnant and not experiencing any of these symptoms?

PTK says yes

Pregnancy test kits test your urine for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

The HCG hormone is only let out if a fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining or outside the uterus.

HCG is present in your pee if you are pregnant.

For the most accurate result, take the test after a missed period.

If you are pregnant, your results will be showcased via one of the following:

  • A change in color
  • 2 Lines
  • A “+” (plus) symbol
  • The word “pregnant

The method of result display depends on the PTK that you’ve picked

Even if you just missed a pill or your period is late or you’re getting tired really easily and you’re worried, get a test.

Or, even if you have not undergone any of these signs and symptoms but you are still stressed and unsure whether you are pregnant or not, take a pregnancy test anyway.

If you are still unsure, even after taking the test, consult a doctor for absolute certainty and peace of mind.

It is better to know for sure rather than stress and worry.

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