4th Dec 2018

Importance of communication, consent and respect in a sexual relationship

We cannot stress enough the importance of communication, consent, and respect in a sexual relationship.

These three things are not only vital but they also make a sexual relationship a lot better.

One thing we want to make clear to you is that your body and your decisions do not belong to anybody else but you.


Whether you are in a sexual relationship with your romantic partner, a friend, a stranger, or anybody else, communication is key. There are certain things that should be discussed before and during a consensual sexual relationship. Some of these topics include:

Birth control methods – – if you decide to get into or are in a heterosexual sexual relationship and you do not want to get pregnant, discuss options with your partner(s)

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) prevention methods – it is better to be safe than sorry, talk STI prevention methods with your partner(s).

Sexual partners – if you are involved with more than one person sexually, be honest and communicate this to all of your sexual partners.

Sexual history – talking about your sexual history with your current partner(s) might be an awkward conversation to have but is it one that has to happen.

The most important thing to think about when communicating is to be honest with each other. We understand that you might be afraid of being judged leading you to potentially not being fully honest, but that is not fair on your sexual partner(s). Not fully disclosing the truth could lead to severe repercussions including medical problems for you and/or your partner(s).
And vice versa, expect and ask for the same from your sexual partner(s), ask them to be fully open and candid with you. Honesty is a two-way street.

If you are uncomfortable about something, talk to your partner, don’t be afraid to communicate.


To clarify, consent is when a person gives permission to the other person to do something.

Yes = consent.

“No” is not consent.
“I don’t know” is not consent.
“Maybe” is not consent.
Being unconscious is not consent.
Wearing revealing clothes or being naked is not consent.

Consent is not guessing games or assumptions, it is straight up what your partner tells you.

Confused about something? Ask.
Scared of doing something that they might not be okay with? Ask.
Don’t know if it’s okay to do something? Ask.


Respect is key to any and all relationships, both sexual and non-sexual.

It is extremely important that you respect your sexual partner’s body and decisions.
It is extremely important that your partner respects your body and decisions.

If they say “no” to something, don’t fight it or don’t try to convince them, respect their choice.

A lot of girls have regrets caused by sexual relationships. If you want to avoid having any regrets then understand the importance of communication, consent, and respect and implement them in your sexual relationships.

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