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4th Dec 2018

Tips for being sexually healthy and happy

Struggling a little with your sex life?
Want to lead a better sex life?
Or just looking for a few tips for being sexually healthy and happy?

This is the article for you.

Contrary to popular belief, sexual health and happiness is not only based on sex.
It is more than just sex and physical health, it also includes emotional and psychological health.

Being sexually healthy and happy includes enjoying a satisfying sex life, building positive relationships, having a peace of mind, and being able to communicate with your partner, health care provider, and yourself.

Hello, healthy

Sexual health is not just all birth control and STI protection, there is more to it than that.

Here are a few things you can do to be sexually healthy:

  • Look after your body – use condoms, employ birth control for unwanted pregnancies, get tested for STIs. It is essential and healthy to take care of your body.
  • Understand “sexual activity” – the phrase refers to activity other than penetrative sex. Includes oral sex, anal sex, fingering, masturbation, hand jobs, etc. It is healthy to know and understand something that you are involved in.
  • Talk, talk, talk – we cannot stress the importance of communication. Talk about boundaries, STIs, desires, etc. It is healthy to listen and respond to your partner(s).
  • Being involved for the right reasons – if you’re involved, know that you’re involved in sexual activity because you want to be, not because of societal pressure or anything else. It is healthy to be honest with yourself and evaluate your decisions.
  • Be respectful – do not treat sex in a vulgar manner. Treat your partner(s) and yourself with respect. Respect their boundaries and they should respect yours. It is healthy to give and get respect.

Hello, happy

Now onto the things that make you smile, laugh, and genuinely happy.

Before we give you some tips, we just want you to know that facing sexual issues is EXTREMELY normal.

Opposed to what we see on most mainstream media, people face sexual issues.

Healthy couples, newbies, the experienced ones - more or less everyone faces issues when it comes to sexual activity. So if you’re facing issues, don’t beat yourself up over it or be embarrassed by it.

Here are a few tips on being sexually happy:

  • Know your body – do not be ashamed to explore your body sexually, whether it is by yourself or with your partner(s). Find the spots that make you orgasm, know what pleases you sexually. Knowing what pleasures you is essential to being sexually satisfied and happy.
  • Reflect and ask questions – you may think that you are sexually happy but ask yourself these questions to know for sure: do you want to have sex? Do you care if you orgasm or not? Are you fully comfortable with your sexual partner(s)? Are you satisfied with your sex life?
  • Talk, talk, talk – not only essential to being sexually healthy but also for being sexually happy

Ladies, if you want to be sexually healthy and happy, simply follow these tips.

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