Thank you, Body

4th Dec 2018

Body positivity

There is a reason why there are hundreds of articles on body positivity.

We, the young adults of this generation, are part of the reason.

Before we dive into it, let’s be clear on the term “body positivity” itself. It is a rather broad term that can be interpreted in numerous ways, and that is what is beautiful about it. You get to pick and implement what you resonate with most.

Does body positivity mean acceptance to you?
Or appreciating every inch of your body?
Or feeling confident in your own skin?
Or feeling nothing but love towards your body?

There is no right or wrong, go with you feel is best for you.

Know your facts

There are a few misconceptions when it comes to body positivity, here are a few:

  • It does not mean obsessing over your body
  • It does not endorse and/or promote an unhealthy lifestyle
  • It is not just a social media trend. It’s an actual movement created to promote acceptance and inclusivity of all body shapes & sizes.

The struggles

Body positivity is a beautiful necessity. Though, not always easy. We get it, there can be unrealistic expectations when it comes to body positivity. The expectation to just wake up one day and start loving your body after years of criticizing it.

Okay - So, the place you can start is acceptance. If you are not ready to love your body yet, then start with accepting your body’s shape and size. Look into the mirror, say “okay” and mean it.

Thank you - Don’t run away from the mirror, take a good look in the mirror and say thank you. Even if this makes you feel uncomfortable, do it anyway. Stare at your own reflection and say thank you to your body, compliment it, pick out the things that you like. Thank your body in other ways by eating healthy, exercising, and looking after it. If it feels difficult and forced to love your body, that’s okay, just be grateful for it.

Body neutrality

We understand that sometimes loving your body is something that is easier said than done. Hence, body neutrality may be a better starting point.

This values the things that your body does for you over what your body looks like.
How your body allows you to get from place to place.
How your body allows you to enjoy the pleasures of life.

As discussed earlier, loving your body can be complicated and challenging, so this is a more neutral zone where you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what your body looks like.

Body neutrality is about appreciating the things that you’re able to do because of your body.
The aim of body neutrality is to feel at peace with your body.

Girls, body positivity is a beautiful thing and so are you. Explore alternative options like body neutrality if you struggle with loving your body.

PS: Body shaming is an unhealthy activity and should always be discouraged.



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