Why is it so hard to talk about contraception?

9th Oct 2020

In India, reports estimate a rate of 144.7 pregnancies per 1000 women aged 15-49 years, and a rate of 70.1 unintended pregnancies per 1000 women aged 15-49 years; which means that nearly half of the pregnancies were not planned.

Contraception, a word so common that it affects almost every person you can think of, yet so underused that all the people you just thought of – may never have used it. This statistic itself is enough to talk about condoms, oral contraceptive pills, Injectables or Intra-uterine devices, with the same passion and frequency as sex. But the question remains:

Why don’t we talk about contraception?

Sex and the terms allied with it are considered a taboo in our country. Most people avoid even saying the word in conversations where sex doesn’t even refer to intercourse. If the conversation about sex occurs so rarely, then a talk about contraceptive methods would mean acknowledging that people have sex. The awkwardness around the topic is what leads to people not having in-depth conversations that will lead them to take timely and appropriate decisions.

Is it okay to talk about contraception?

Yes, of-course! It is always okay to talk about contraception. Contraception is just an added pill or device for your body’s wellness. Talking about contraception is as easy, and as common as talking about braces for your teeth, painkillers for a headache or even pads for your period. Not only is it okay to talk about contraception, it is imperative that we talk about contraception. In an increasingly progressive world, it is important that conversation and literacy be built around contraception.

Why is it important to talk about contraception?

Talking about contraception is the first step towards taking care of your and your partner’s health. Pregnancy and childbirth are decisions that should be made with care and planning. Conversations about contraceptives give you the chance to take control of your own sexual and reproductive health, and ensure that you indulge in healthy and safe sex practices.

How can I indulge in a conversation about contraceptives?

Talk to anyone you are comfortable with in your social circle, but start the conversation! Talking to someone you know who has been a regular user of contraception, is even better as they would answer from experience. If this doesn’t seem like the first step you would take, talk to us in a private and personalised manner. You can have a conversation free of judgement in the comfort of your home. Your health matters to us. You can reach out to us on our Contact Us Page. We promise it will be BetweenUs!

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