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We understand that the initial phase after adoption of a contraceptive method would be difficult and we are to walk that journey with you.

All modern contraceptive methods have expected side-effects that users may or may not experience or experience a few of the reported side-effects of a particular method.

Most of these side effects are not serious and reduce within 3-6 months correct use and can be managed with timely information and guidance. Hence, whenever you are experiencing the expected side-effects, it is important to remember these two points:

  • a) We at BetweenUs are here to be with you on every step of your contraceptive use journey

  • b) Your reason for choosing a regular contraceptive method and the immediate and long-term benefits of your decision In certain cases, the side-effects may affect a women’s satisfaction in the method they are using and deserve a doctor’s attention.

What is BetweenUs support

We understand that the initial phase after adoption of a contraception would be difficult and we are here to walk that journey with you.

Once you are on your preferred contraceptive method, just subscribe to us and we will check on you at regular intervals that is convenient for you and on your preferred channel of communication – email, messenger or WhatsApp, and we will assist you to pull through any side-effects that you may experience.



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