Pillow Talks of Love & Lust

4th Dec 2018

Mood lighting, romantic jazz, pillow mists, candles, and beautiful flowers, may prepare you for a sensual night full of love. But, to interlace the elements of love and lust, talking is the way out. When you and your partner know about your likes and dislikes, love intensifies. Great sex could or couldn’t come naturally to you, but casual pillow talks about your wild fantasies and preferences can spice up your relationship.

So, don’t just have sex, make love. Here are a few points to ponder.

Sexual Pleasure: Tell him/her about the places you enjoy being touched and where you don’t feel comfortable. Discuss about the different ways to caress and kiss each other.

Birth Control Method: Discuss about the preferable birth control methods, and what birth control precautions you have used earlier, if any? It is better to plan ahead, rather than panicking later.

Sexual Fantasy: No matter how weird it sounds to you, discuss your sexual fantasies with each other. For instance, share your desire, even if it is something like, making love on a bed full of roses.

Sexual Inhibitions: If you are not comfortable in exploring any of the sexual fantasies of your partner, he/she needs to know in advance.

Sexual Turn-Ons: Exchange notes on each other’s turn-ons and turn-offs. After all, you won’t like any interruptions when love is high and you just want to go with the flow.

Frequency of Sex: Being spontaneous is great but having a sex schedule is also good for your relationship. If there is a huge gap in your expectations, like you want it once a month and your partner wants it every alternate day, then there is a problem for sure. But, otherwise, compromise and fix a number that suits both of you. Maintain a sex schedule. Partners need to work out their work schedule to come up with a frequency that suits both of them.

If you want to enjoy a carefree sex life, then take out time for discussing the key points that are the pillars of your relationship. This can’t be a one time talk, but every couple, no matter what age, or how old their bond is, must talk about it.

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