Contraceptives: Why is it your most reliable option?

10th Dec 2018

Even today, with novel and effective modern contraceptive options available, some couples still try, albeit unsuccessfully most of the time, the  withdrawal or the Pull-Out method. Then there are couples who adapt the safe-days method and go wrong in their calculations. Continuous growth of emergency contraceptives, the number of unintended pregnancies and medical abortions in the country is evidence that these methods are not fool proof. 

So, why are modern contraceptives your best bet?

  • Most effective and you are in control: In the case of the withdrawal method, you actually place the control in your partner’s hand and it requires an immense amount of control for men to actually pull out before ejaculation, which makes it highly ineffective.
  • No room for human error with short-term and long-term contraceptives: In the case of safe-days, calculations can be inaccurate because of hormonal changes. Also, this ruins spontaneity and is difficult to implement if your partner is unwilling to follow this method. 
  • Doesn’t leave room for excuses: Men many times choose not to use condoms because they believe it gets in the way of pleasure. So, choosing a modern contraceptive method that is appropriate for you, ensures your protection every time. 
  • Long term benefits outweigh short-term hassles:  Yes, most modern contraceptives are reported to have temporary side effects- 3 months usually. But, considering the other option, unprotected sex resulting in an unintended pregnancy or worse having to undergo an abortion, the short-term hassles seem manageable. 

Given the convenience provided through modern forms of contraception, forgetting to practice precaution or getting caught up in the heat of the moment are no longer valid excuses. Easy availability of advanced contraceptives leave no room for anxiety or second guessing of one's safety. 

To give you an example, an option as simple as Advanced Oral Contraceptive Pills, like Meuri, not only provide you with that assurance but can be adjusted as per your lifestyle. Over and above its innumerable benefits that outweigh the short-term side effects it may show, Advanced Oral Contraceptive Pills helps manage PCOS, treating pre-existing acne and hirsutism, regularises periods, lighter & more predictable periods.

In order to make an informed contraceptive choice, one must have unbiased knowledge of not just the risks but, in various cases, benefits as well. In the case of Short-Term Hormonal Methods, apart from Advanced Oral Contraceptive Pills there are Injectable Contraceptives available. These are received in the arm and given once every 3 months. 

Long Term Reversible Contraceptive Methods include Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) a small, flexible plastic frame with copper sleeves around it, placed inside the uterus. Another option is a hormonal IUS which is a small, T-shaped plastic device that steadily releases small amounts of hormone daily, preventing fertilization. These are easily reversible methods and can prevent pregnancy for 3 or 5 years, depending on the device inserted.

Even though these are just a handful of contraceptive methods it is evident that they are far safer and superior options compared to natural methods. Still, got some questions about various contraceptive choices? Feel free to reach out and talk to us here.

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